Apartment Florence in Florence

Apartment in Florence - apartment near Piazza della Signoria in the city centre at Florence

Telephone: +39 339 7924216
E-mail: paolofirenze@hotmail.com

How to book

The booking is very easy. Four steps.

  • Make a request for information about availability sending an e-mail to: paolofirenze@hotmail.com
  • You will receive within 24/48 hours an e-mail with the bank information that confirms or less your requested availability
  • If you have received a positive answer about your request you should send the payment within 48 hours with a bank transfer.
  • You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Now you have surely rented.

Terms and conditions

  • The prices are referred to the cost of the apartment per night (not per person).
  • When you make your request about availability specifie very clearly the days of your requested permanence and for how many people.
  • Your request for information on step one is NOT considered a reservation and does not give the inquirer an option on the apartment, that remains available.
  • You can be certain that the apartment is available for the requested days only after you receive our e-mail confirmation on step two.
  • You can be sure to have rented the apartment only when you will receive our e-mail confirmation on step four after your payment.
  • You have to pay with the bank transaction only the half of the price. The other half has to be paied in Euro cash at your arrival.
  • Your payment must be done within 48 hours from our e-mail on step two otherwise you will miss the availability requested.
  • Payment can be done with bank transfer only. All the bank charges have to be covered by the sender.
  • Our final e-mail confirmation on step four must be shown at the moment of check-in.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation are accepted only by mail.
  • If you cancel your booking you loose what sent with bank transaction, if there is no other different agreement with the property always if cancelled with rilevant time ahead. The client will pay the expences for the eventual reimbursement.
  • The booking condiction are subjected to the italian law.
  • All disputes arising involving the owner shall be resolved in the court of law in Florence, Italy.
  • By using or continuing to use our service you agree and accept the all mentioned terms and condictions, accepting our booking and cancellation policy and stating that you have read and understood them, the description of the property and that is of your liking.